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  1. Doulas
    Hello Everyone!! I am a birthing and postpartum doula serving the dmv area, willing to travel if needed. I wanted to connect with some other doulas and potential clients. I hope everyone has had a great start to the new year!! :smile:
  2. Doulas
    Hi everyone! I am a Houston, TX resident and have recently completed my birth doula training. I am so passionate about educating and inspiring women to have the type of birth that makes them most comfortable. I love hearing and sharing positive birth stories, and I am looking to find and/or...
  3. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
    Hi mamas- I'm offering postpartum doula services at a discounted rate (half price at $15/hr) to finish up my certification through Birth Arts International. If you live in the Philadelphia area (Bucks & Montgomery counties) and are looking for postpartum help, contact me for a free consultation!
  4. Birth Professionals
    Hello Ladies, I am wondering if anyone has gone through these schools or training websites? What was your experience like? Was it worth it and did you feel like you were properly trained to take on clients after your certification? New Beginnings (Doula) Madriella (Doula) Midwife To Be...
  5. Washington, Oregon, Idaho
    Hi Mamas! I'm a new Labor Doula in Portland and would love to support you through your birth experience. I'd love to talk to you! Please send me a private message or contact me on my website. It won't let me put the link here but look up Labor of Love Birth services Oregon and it should come...
  6. Doulas
    Hey Everyone! I'm new here and just happened to stumble upon this site. I'm a new Labor Doula in Portland,OR and I have been having the hardest time finding moms! Still working on being professionally certified by Birthingway College so I need 5 births. Those 5 births are free for the client...
1-6 of 361 Results