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  1. Pregnancy and Birth Loss
    I feel pretty stupid posting this honestly, I've been told a thousand times that it's normal and happens a lot to miscarry early on (8 weeks 2 days) but I am terrified. I had an ultrasound at what I thought was 8 weeks and saw the heartbeat but ended up only being 6 weeks 3 days. They said it...
  2. Baby
    Actor and father James Van Der Beek recently shared that he believes that 'miscarriage' is an ugly, accusatory word, and something should change in how we look at the misnomer. Actor James Van Der Beek recently shared adorable pictures of him and his beautiful new baby girl Gwendolyn, but he...
  3. Green Goods
    New research reveals that listeria presents a high risk to women in early stages of pregnancy because of its near-asymptomatic presentation. The list of things women should watch out for during pregnancy is ever-growing, and listeria has been on the list for a long time. Most pregnant women...
1-3 of 3 Results