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eat pray hcg lose weight fast on the hcg protocol and keep it off by gaining peace of mind
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  1. Fitness and Weight Management
    <p>All right all you HCG experts I need some serious help.  I have done the injectable HCG before with great results first round-had some trouble keeping off, went to round 2 when I was suppose to had ok results but was more hungry and tried another round and it was a complete failure, I was SO...
  2. Fitness and Weight Management
    For those who are doing the hcg diet/protocol or who are seriously considering doing so.<br><br> Let's share our progress, our challenges, our strategies.<br><br> Let's answer questions of those considering.<br><br> Let's get healthier together.<br><br> (There is another thread 'hcg diet' for...
1-2 of 2 Results