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  1. Allergies
    So DS, 10 months, had pretty bad eczema starting around 6 months, but I thought I had finally identified one of the main triggers, almonds and peanuts in my diet. Cut them out and sure enough, skin cleared up beautifully. But the eczema is back again in a serious way on his poor face. No...
  2. Allergies
    Greetings! Background: I have a 3.5 year old daughter who was very intolerant to dairy (GI symptoms) until 2-2.5 years. I now have a 8 month old son, as well. After our experience with our daughter, the first months we paid close attention to his behavior but saw no signs of intestinal...
  3. Life With a Baby
    In early Dec. we had a wbv with our pedi (who is very holistic and who we love) and the main issue we discussed was his excema. DS has had pretty bad excema since around birth. I specifically remember asking if there was anything we could do for his itching as he seemed to scratch and squirm...
  4. Women's Health
    Note: This is an archived topic. It is read-only. Mothering Boards Alternative and Complementary Medicine Archive Need help with elimination diet to improve babies allergies This topic was originally posted in this forum: Alternative and Complementary Medicine Author Topic: Need help with...
  5. Women's Health
    my poor baby looks awful this morning. It's oozing and peeling. She is bf exlusively, as I read below, I am going to stop dairy and see if that helps. What kind of soap, laundry detergent, cream, etc should I try? jtsmom
1-5 of 5 Results