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  1. Birth and Beyond
    I’m currently interviewing parents about a new app that claims to be on the cutting edge of social emotional learning and an educational app for 3-5 year olds! If you’re interested in being involved please comment below!
  2. Family Life
    Combing through the myriad of educational apps can frustrate any parent; just when you think you've found an amazing app, the annoying ads or relentless in-app purchases pop up. However, choosing apps to assist children in overcoming learning disabilities can be even more challenging...
  3. Parenting
    My friends have an idea to create "open platform" for early childhood education. They created core curriculum and the idea is to enable parents change it, enrich it with media materials, own stories, etc. As for now, they published basic website and app (Braiby) to guide parents through ece...
  4. Education
    my nieces really enjoy and like it, they learn&play math\words :] (see attached images) 3 FREE educational app games with infinity levels for Android based on colorful animations (you can track your kids progress inside the app and view their statistics) : KidsApp Math Game a game for learning...
  5. Toys, Games, Books, Music and other Media
    Hi, I would be thankful if you review our 2 family board games recently released. Great for collaborative play in the classroom or in the family, with a unique 2d & 3d concept, the apps stand out from existing multiplayer mobile games and, I hope, are really worth your attention and...
1-5 of 6 Results