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  1. Family Life
    How far we can blame video games for the bad behavior of people who play them is a hot-button issue. But what about their good behavior? For as long as there have been violent video games, there have people blaming violent behavior on video games. But aside from anecdotal data-and political...
  2. Other
    Nothing hurts more than watching your child in pain. A new study confirms that a mother feels her child's distress as though it were her own. It's nearly impossible to describe the intense love that a mother feels for her child. With that love, however, comes an enormous sense of...
  3. The Childhood Years
    I want to share a story of something that happened recently. I was at a school function with some parents and I saw an upset child, around 4 years old, go up to her mother, looking for support. I did not hear the exchange but when the little girl left, she seemed more upset than when she...
1-3 of 5 Results