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  1. Parenting
    Aloha, I was an active member of Mothering over 20 years ago when Mothering first started. At the time my daughter was a young child and I was dedicated to attachment parenting. Mothering was a wonderful respite full of so much support. Now that my daughter is 25 we are going through what I call...
  2. Family Life
    So Soon I'm reminded of an egg's brief perfection. What grows within must crack what contains it. At seventeen you squint at farther horizons bits of childhood still in your hair, your walk, your laugh. Behind you this place we fashioned, each twig bent to nestle you just so, will...
  3. Toddler & Child
    College Boy Reeve headed back to school yesterday after a really wonderful 4-week winter holiday with us, thereby reminding me that 1. The so-called Empty Nest Syndrome-which you would think I'd be O-VER-is not just a one-time thing one goes through and then moves on from. It appears that one...
1-3 of 3 Results