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  1. Life With a Baby
    Almost none of my friends, and definitely none of my family, AP parent. I have a DD who is 3.5 and a son who is 6 mos. I'm feeling less and less tolerant of "advice" handed to me from non-AP parents about what to do with my children when I'm venting about normal parent frustrations. (i.e. "So...
  2. March 2012
    *** Group setting changed from "secret" to "closed" so anyone can request to join. *** *** Group name changed to MDC Mamas so other FB friends won't know what's up ;) *** Feel free to join! Privacy settings are "secret" so it shouldn't show up anywhere on our profiles so the word won't get...
  3. Lactivism
    Last month Peggy asked everyone to join her in challenging Facebook's policy regarding breastfeeding photos. Time has picked up the story: Quote:
1-3 of 4 Results