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    <p>Hi everybody. </p> <p>we had a very big and nasty fight with my inlaws at the weekend. It started with MIL stating that we should ABSOLUTELY stop getting anymore kids because ours are: "So seriously damaged, and any new one would have the same defects" </p> <p>My FIL stated similar things...
  2. Parenting
    <p>So for my own situation: My MIL wants to knit a baby blanket for when LO is born. I am 100% behind this but only if she will do so for subsequent children also.  My huband thinks I'm crazy that I think it's unfair to have Jaya receive a bunch of hand make or engraved things from relatives at...
  3. Blended and Step Family Parenting
    Has anyone done this or know of anyone who has?
  4. Parenting
    <p>Seriously. My sil started dating this guy, he proposed, they put a deposit down on a house. A couple weeks ago my dh gets a phone call to go to the sex offenders data base for our county and do a search on the guys name. We do and he comes up. Not just his name, but his picture with it, so...
1-4 of 7 Results