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  1. Breastfeeding
    How long is it *physically* necessary to night nurse? I plan on breastfeeding until she's ready to stop/hopefully 2ish/wait and see kind of thing.... but I have friends who have kids who complain to no end about being pawed at in the middle of the night by their toddlers who are still...
  2. Co-sleeping and the Family Bed
    Do you think there's an age where kids are too old for the family bed? Is there an age where it keeps them from becoming independent? Is there an age where it becomes inappropriate? I am not personally concerned about independence. I think kids become comfortable in being independent by being...
  3. Co-sleeping and the Family Bed
    For 18 months now, I've repeatedly seen the suggestion to put your bed (or your child's bed) directly on the floor. For the longest time I dismissed it, because we enjoy our "real" bed in our room, and the baby's room doubled as a home office so she needed to be contained in a crib or...
  4. The Childhood Years
    If a child is 2 years older than his sister, how long is it appropriate or acceptable for them to share a bedroom? I've heard that in Canada, CPS (or the Canadian equivalent) will take issue at a certain point... does anyone know when that is, or if it's even true?
  5. Co-sleeping and the Family Bed
    A while back, Mama-2-1 posted this - now, we're finally following suit! (How's it going BTW? I've been MIA for a while, v. busy with work, etc.) I'm going to try to update this every day to keep myself motivated! OUR SITUATION: DS, age 16 mo, sleeps in the bed on the floor with me. (DH sleeps...
  6. Life With a Baby
    My baby girl just turned 5 months and for the past couple weeks she's been fighting sleep for her daytime nap and bedtime. She's happy in the morning, and takes her first nap with little trouble(I can lay her in her crib awake but sleepy and she goes to sleep fine) but by afternoon she fights it...
  7. Co-sleeping and the Family Bed
    Good article on several levels
1-7 of 7 Results