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  1. Infertility
    Spring IVF Members COPY AND PASTE INTO THREAD WITH ANY UPDATES Kewpie80 Me:PCOS Him:Vericocele, low motility, low morphology. Currently gathering information and funds for next fresh cycle. 2 Embies currently on ice. Sourire (30) TTC #1 since August 2010, diagnosed with stage III...
  2. I'm Pregnant
    I've been lurking in the Jan DDC just to see whats going on, but Im waiting for the Feb to open. Im wondering if there are any others out there? I got a super early BFP (@ 8 dpo) and am currently 12 dpo. I have taken about 14 tests that are positive, but I have gotten all negatives from the...
  3. Infertility
    Anybody want to share the stress and excitement of this process together? If anybody wants their name off or put on the list , just let me know. Looking forward to meeting everyone and hoping we all will graduate soon. Let me know where you are in your IVF process by placing the information in...
  4. Fertility i just found this awesome site that gives 5 poses with good alternatives or the beginner or inflexible! it also explains how the poses help with ttcing! i'm gonna post this everywhere!
1-4 of 4 Results