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  1. Infertility
    Spring IVF Members COPY AND PASTE INTO THREAD WITH ANY UPDATES Kewpie80 Me:PCOS Him:Vericocele, low motility, low morphology. Currently gathering information and funds for next fresh cycle. 2 Embies currently on ice. Sourire (30) TTC #1 since August 2010, diagnosed with stage III...
  2. Family Planning
    I started charting in 2009 before my son was conceived. My temps were always low, never reached 98 even post ovulation but my cycles were always pretty regular and I got pregnant fast. I had some blood pressure complications during my pregnancy and was on a couple different medications for it...
  3. Trying To Conceive After Loss
    Hoping, Healing, and Conceiving Again July 2011 This thread is for women who wish to conceive after a loss and need support, hope and healing. If you wish to be added to the thread or want to modify your info please make requests in bold. Fertility Friend Charts - Let me know if you want your...
1-3 of 3 Results