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  1. Family Safety
    Safe or no? Like this: In terms of the plastics/chemicals, that is...
  2. Life with a Toddler
    Relatives have given DD a few Fisher Price toys that come with the ugly Little People, full of accessories, that leave so little room for imagination. (Not to mention that since DD is a girl, they gave her pink everything, and now all the Little People she owns are girls. As if a little girl...
  3. Life With a Baby
    These look really nice, but I really would rather not buy a Fisher Price swing. Is there anyone else that makes swings like these? Perhaps a more natural company or something? A friend is already going to be passing on an Amby bed to us.
  4. Lactivism
    They have a parenting advice section on their site and OMG....this is their article on "how to decide: breast or bottle?":
  5. The Mindful Home
    Hello All, Does anyone know if Fisher Price uses PVC in their plastic toys. I am trying to avoid all these plastic toys, or at least get ones without PVC. I have a list of companies that don't use it, but Fisher Price is not one of them. Of course, my parents bought all Fisher Price toys for my...
  6. Family Safety
    It's on Albee baby for $30. It is discintinued? I want to get one for my MIL to use next summer because it is such a good deal. But I also want to make sure the date of manufacture is not too old so it will last. When did they stop manufacturing it?
  7. Family Safety
    its a good carseat, right? i seem to remember seeing it recommended here. we're getting ready to buy ds a convertable, and as much as i want a boulevard, we just cant afford one, much less two.... and i saw the safe voyages on sale
  8. Family Safety
    Just wondering if this seat is available for sale in Canada. I haven't seen it on Canadian websites... TIA.
  9. Family Safety
    I'm really thinking that this could be the seat for us. I've heard nothing at all negative about it at all. It's a stripped down Britax I've heard. The only thing that I did notice is that there is only 1 position for the crotch strap. If you have this seat...has it been a...
  10. Family Safety
    Anyone have any info or have used this seat? I've heard it is made by Britax but much cheaper. We're working on TTC number 2 (shhhh it's a secret) and I'm doing a little "pre-planning". Thanks!
  11. Natural Body Care
  12. Life With a Baby
    WASHINGTON -- Toy-maker Fisher-Price is recalling 83 types of toys -- including the popular Big Bird, Elmo, Dora and Diego characters -- because their paint contains excessive amounts of lead. The worldwide recall being announced Thursday involves 967,000 plastic preschool toys made by a...
  13. News and Current Events Archives
    Here is the link I was just joking to my dh the other day about how we should invest in Fisher Price considering we've already invested a small fortune in them. I eat my words!
  14. Co-sleeping and the Family Bed
    : : : Oh I'm annoyed at this. The fisher price has *experts* on their site giving out advice. This one is advocating CIO One is how unsafe co-sleeping is, and how if you co-sleep you'll have trouble gettingyour baby out of your bed...
  15. Life with a Toddler
    Hey folks! My DS loves taking his little people in the bathtub and in his pool. They are his favorite water toy! The problem is, they fill with water and i can't get the water out. i'm worried that the water is getting funky and growing bacteria etc. Also, many of his little people toys are...
  16. Lactivism
    Please look on Mothering's home page to learn more about this important issue. I have sent a letter and I know many of you will want to also.
1-16 of 22 Results