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  1. Life with a Toddler
    As an intact guy, I know how to clean myself, but, if I ever have a daughter and need to give her a bath, is it necessary to retract the clit hood (hers is analogous to mine) and clean? Is a girls' attached to her glans like a guy's?£
  2. The Case Against Circumcision
    Years ago I worked at a daycare where we had lots of Hispanic kids, & so all of the boys were intact. I had to help one little boy wipe up after peeing on himself. I of course knew not to skin him back. I remember wiping toward his tip, the wipe got caught and pulled his foreskin away from...
  3. Intact Care
    I have 5 boys all intact. Well, my 4 yr old used to be able to retract his foreskin. We have never ourselves or anyone else allowed his foreskin to be retracted. Only he has done so. Well, last night he screamed in pain when he went pee. We asked him to show us where it hurts. Well, his penis is...