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  1. Adoptive and Foster Parenting
    Hello, all. This is my first post. I just joined. I am a single, 28-year old woman who is considering becoming a foster parent. I am financially, emotionally, physically and mentally stable, well-educated, accomplished and settled. I've worked with children of all ages my entire life...
  2. Adoptive and Foster Parenting
    We are in the process of preparing to do "crisis care" (short term fostering) for babies and toddlers, newborn to 24 months or so. If all goes well, we should receive the first little one early this fall. The stay will be anything from just a couple of days up to about half a year. At some point...
  3. Adoptive and Foster Parenting
    I am strongly considering foster parenting ever since I had a Pre-Pregnancy Consultation that said that I would be considered high-risk to have a child of my own, due to medical problems. Even though I want my own biological child, several of my relatives and people at church are wanting me to...
1-3 of 4 Results