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  1. September 2011
    Sorry if this has been asked already...but I was just wondering who else is using cloth and have you started your stash yet?? I've gotten a bunch of newborn fitteds (mostly on FSOT), 3 PUL covers and two pairs of wool shorties. I am knitting a couple things myself too (cheaper that way :o) I...
  2. Diapering
    It's been a few years since I've been part of the CD world (my "baby" will be 5 when my new LO arrives at the end of summer) and a few things have changed. I loved Fuzzibunz the last time around, but had them in sizes. Now there are these one-size deals, and I'm curious. Yes, I've read up on...
  3. Diapering
    Hi all, My 19-month-old is about 30 lbs and 35" tall. His OS fuzzibunz are too tight around the waist, though they still gap a bit around the legs. Anyway--I just ordered large Fuzzibunz and large *******'s Pants to see if I like them. Anybody have any other recommendations? My eyes are...
  4. Diapering
    My LO is 6 months old and has thus far been pretty happy in sposies. I don't love the idea of diapering baby in something reusable and was sort of pushed into it because Daniel has been wetting pretty heavily at night and leaking through his Pampers. So I went out to my local cloth diaper store...
  5. Diapering
    I'm due in 2 weeks and I have no diapers, only a few sample disposables. I was hoping to cloth diaper but I've procrastinated and so I am just now researching. I'd like to buy some used on craigslist since I'm not sure it's something I'll really stick with. What is a good set up for a newbie? I...
  6. Natural Body Care
    Not sure where best to post this, but my DS is pretty well done with his CDs and now I'm cycling again, I'm about to make some mama cloths. I keep looking at his FBs and thinking I could upcycle them to mama cloth.... anyone done this with success? Would I layer them the same way as diaper?
1-6 of 6 Results