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  1. Family Life
    Motherhood certainly changes a woman, but does it define her? A recent poll reveals that most Americans would say no. In an August interview with Australian newspaper, the Herald Sun, world-renowned tennis player and soon-to be-mother, Serena Williams, discussed her pregnancy and upcoming...
  2. Learning at School
    As the debate on gender progresses in Silicon Valley, I want to ask the questions of why are there not enough female engineers? A research by Science Journal found out that girls at age 6 believe boys are smarter, what can parents do to promote gender equality?
  3. Toddler & Child
    For a parent who doesn't personally know a transgender individual, it can seem difficult to talk to children about the topic of gender identity. Here are some tips. How do you explain what being transgender means? Shouldn't you wait until they're old enough to understand? Educator, writer, and...
  4. Parenting
    About a week ago, our son, who is 5, told us that he wanted to wear girls clothing. He says that he wants to have a vagina when he grows up, and that he is a "woman in a man.". My first thoughts were that he may be transgendered. We asked him a bit about it, and then took him shopping for...
1-4 of 4 Results