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  1. The Childhood Years
    I don't know what to do about my son. He is 9 years old and this year he is in his third school in two years. He has been hospitalized at a psych ward two times in two months. Each stay was two weeks long. He was first diagnosed with IED, his psychiatrist says he has an impulse disorder, and...
  2. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
    Hi, I am looking for a more alternative pediatrician/ family doctor that supports delayed vaccines. I am just outside of Flemington, but willing to travel within reason. Thanks in advance!
  3. New Member Introductions
    I have been a member on the site for sometime, and am now introducing myself. I am a Natural and Holistic Health Care Practitioner providing responsible, immediate and lasting solutions for women and children's health. I enjoy discussing natural remedies and how we can change our belief...
  4. Baby Health
    So happy I found this site. I just want to advise on a few things. My baby is 5 months old and after months of crying and screaming we found out she had an intolerance to milk and it may have been causing her eczema. As a new mum and a natural health person prior to having a baby. Im...
  5. Indiana, Ohio, Michigan
    Hello ladies! My husband and I are moving to either the Holland or Grand Rapids Area soon! I am expecting my first baby this winter and I am searching for a natural minded family doctor or ped in either of those areas. I would love your help and recommendations! Looking for a Doc who is...
  6. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
    I am due in late October with my first baby and am moving to Beverly. My husband and I are looking for a pediatrician with holistic and alternative approaches who is also supportive of delayed vaccinations. Any recommendations would be lovely!
  7. I'm Pregnant
    Hey Y'all. My name is Dr. Dee, and I am a pediatric, pregnancy, and family chiropractor new to the Murfreesboro, TN area. I've always seen a ton of kids, mommas and other family members who are concerned about their health in a holistic lifestyle in my 6+ years of clinical practice. I need to...
  8. April 2015 Due Date Club
    Hi Folks- I'm new here! And a new mom to be expecting April 24th! I just registered with a nearby pediatrician's office that seems fine, but I am truly interested in finding a more integrative practice for my little one. If any of you guys have recommendations of doctors, naturopaths, or...
  9. Florida, Georgia, Alabama
    Can anyone recommend a more holistic family doctor near the Palm Harbor/Clearwater area? Or just a recommendation for a family doc in general? Thanks in advance!
  10. California, Nevada
    Hello Bay Area Moms! Here's some information about an upcoming event in Oakland: Dr. Aumatma, ND and Dr. Christo Zouves are offering a complimentary evening of healthy conversation and cuisine. The event is called The Fertile Lifestyle: How Stress and Nutrition Can Affect your Health, Wellness...
1-10 of 10 Results