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  1. Judy Arnall
    The Playgroup Altercation Part Two - Your child is the Victim You hear a loud thud, an ear-piercing scream, and then your child appears before you wearing a tear-stained cheek and red eyes and is pointing to another child. Apparently your son was hit by another parent's daughter in the...
  2. Judy Arnall
    Video: How to help introverted children accept themselves When families homeschool, parents are often asked the question, "What about socialization?" Many people are fine with the academic achievement of homeschooling but worry that children who do not go to school to interact with the same...
  3. Judy Arnall
    Bad Report Card Blues Your child brings home a bad report card. Your first instinct may be to punish him in order to make him raise his marks. However, will that really solve the problem? We know from research in the workplace, that punishment never solves motivation or performance...
1-3 of 3 Results