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  1. I'm Pregnant
    Pregnancy seems to bring out the crazy in everyone. What's the dumbest/most annoying/intrusive thing you've heard from someone else about your pregnancy? I'll start with a couple from my in-laws that still make me cringe: From my FIL with my first: "Wow, you're really starting to look FAT!"...
  2. August 2011
    So I just peed and when I wiped, there was a bunch of snotty stuff. Not clear like egg-****** stuff you get around ovulation, but similar to that in consistency. Not just a tiny dot, but a good amount I would say. It's probably nothing, but I just thought I'd ask. I'm 38 wks, 4 days today.
  3. Homebirth
    So, this is really late in coming. My DS is 2.5 But I've been pondering my birth since I'm pregnant again. I had a lovely homebirth with DS. I dilated very very quickly, but the pushing was hard. We had some decels during contactions that didn't always rebound. I think I had a low placenta...
  4. Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico
    I've tried to go through old posts but I ended up confusing myself! lol I had a c-section with my first, 9 yrs ago. I had a successful vbac 2 yrs ago with Dr Reed in the Woodlands. I'm now pregnant with my third and need to find a dr who believes in vbac's. I also need to find a great...
  5. November 2011
    My husband and I are starting Bradley method childbirth ed classes very soon. Since this is our first time around, I'm super excited to learn about what lies ahead! We haven't developed a complete birth plan yet besides knowing we're doing things at home, using a birthing pool, and we'll be...
  6. I'm Pregnant
    Member List: lyeterae ~ Baby boy born February 2011 annie ~ Baby girl born April 7, 2011 Barefootscientist ~ Baby boy born May 30, 2011 AnnieA ~ 7/21 MarineWife ~ 7/30 MovingMomma ~ 8/9 Baby_Cakes ~ 8/16 akind1 ~ 9/28 jeninejessica ~ 12/1 Kindermama ~ 1/6 Link to old thread...
1-6 of 6 Results