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  1. Baby
    Ask most new moms and they'll agree--they love seeing their new babies learn and grow and meet milestone after milestone. One of the most often searched topics on babies is, "When do babies sit up?" but many moms don't know the importance of tummy time and how it helps babies achieve that...
  2. Baby
    New research from Michigan State University suggests that babies' sleep at night may be related to their activity levels during the day. Researchers from Michigan State University have released a study that suggests that babies who are more active during the day may sleep better at nights...
  3. Toddler & Child
    More and more, sensory issues in children are rearing their heads, and parents are turning to occupational therapists (OTs) for advice and treatment. Here's what OTs want you to know. Children are missing out on activities that in years past were a given of childhood. From less stress from...
1-3 of 3 Results