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  1. Toddler Nutrition
    We've recently found out our 26 month old has very low iron. This came as no surprise, because he's an incredibly picky eater and won't try any new foods. He's now on a liquid supplement and we can already see a difference in his energy levels. Edit: we are also being referred to a pediatric...
  2. Unassisted Childbirth
    I'm tentatively planning a (controversial) UC in August (my last three home births were fantastic but I had bleeding issues after each one, so my family and husband are not at all supportive of going without a midwife). I've been anemic throughout my other pregnancies and I'm trying some extra...
  3. Vegetarian and Vegan
    Hi. I just got the feed back from my pediatrician that my vegetarian daughter is anemic (Iron deficient). As I am scouring through the internet, I find that my daughter is eating a pretty good diet in regards to iron intake. Here are examples of various parts of her daily menu: Oatmeal cooked...
1-3 of 3 Results