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its okay to cry
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  1. Co-sleeping and the Family Bed
    <p>Has anyone had experience with a toddler waking up crying? Not from night terrors, but just from waking up. My son used to always cry/tantrum when <em>going to</em> sleep...lots of drama there. We have worked through some of that and for the most part he can go to sleep without a tantrum...
  2. Co-sleeping and the Family Bed
    <p>DD is 2 yrs next week and still co-sleeping.  We've been going through a hard phase where she is not only nursing frequently, but crying (only shortly, but long enough to wake up DH), and kicking/moving around a lot.  Its frustrating and tiring for me, but usually i can take a nap with her...
  3. Co-sleeping and the Family Bed
    <p>Working on weaning my daughter of needing to breast feed to sleep. Trying to Pantley Pull Off method from the no cry sleep solution, but it really hasn't been working.</p> <p> </p> <p>Sometimes, I just have her cry herself to sleep on my shoulder. I am holding her and reassuring her, so she...
1-4 of 4 Results