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  1. Diapering
    <p>I had my first 6 years ago and for the first 6 weeks used a cd service. This was great because my daughter went from just under 7 pounds to 12 pounds in those 6 weeks. She continued to gain almost a pound a week for a while. So I never bought small diapers. I am due with my second in a few...
  2. Diapering
    <p>I'm being given a couple of sets of the Flip system w/the Stay Dry Inserts as baby shower gifts. Do I need to prep the stay dry inserts in any way before they are used? I am also getting a couple of the BumGenius 4.0 AIO. Do those need to be prepped?</p>
  3. Diapering
    <p>Soooo, I'm nearly 37 weeks and have been putting off buying fitted nappies for far too long. We used cloth with DD, but they weren't a huge success. Mum made them - pocket nappies with PUL and some kind of fleece - but the inserts were made of old terry nappies that had been through about...
1-3 of 3 Results