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  1. Queer Parenting
    Welcome to October! Let's make some summer babies - here we go! PLEASE PUT YOUR UPDATES IN BOLD! Waiting to O *hoping2bmoms *nemplsgirl *scorpioma *granite *Sphinxy *fmorris28 *mrsandmrs *SunandEr Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW *outdoorsy *SanDiego78 Working on IVF...
  2. August 2011
    She's my DDB and she texted me saying she is going to be induced tonight at around 8pm. Noorjahan will be 39 weeks tomorrow, but her fluid is low and the baby is not moving or doing as well as it had been. She wanted you all to know and to send good wishes and/or prayers! I will update as...
  3. I'm Pregnant
    Please share your labor story if you induced with a membrane sweep and castor oil (I would do both, sweep, than a little castor oil) I have this option on Wednesday and I'm trying to decide. I will be 40w5d. I went into labor naturally with my other two at 37w, and 40w. I KNOW I will go into...
1-3 of 3 Results