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  1. New Member Introductions
    I'm a dad of two amazingly fun girls (2 and 4 yrs old) who love to be silly and wild feral little animals. I've browsed several threads and have already learned a few nuggets of wisdom from this community! Looking forward to more. I also run several companies, one is a 24/7 on-demand math...
  2. Multiplication Flyer.JPG

    Engaging and Thought Provoking Videos Are A Great Source To Encourage, Enrich, and Enhance Students’ Reading and Math Skills: I Provide Videos To Help Children On Their Educational Journey:
  3. Parenting the Gifted Child
    I want a tutor that can do advanced pace especially this summer.
  4. Parenting the Gifted Child
    Hi, So I have a 5 year old that lives in Toronto, ON. I haven't been terribly concerned about his academic development as I have been with his social development. He has had very little formal education due to his age, a teachers strike and then covid so he's had like 3 months of JK in total...
  5. Family Life
    There has long been a strong link between reading to young children and a boost in literacy skills, but now researchers have found a similar link between engaging young children in math activities at home and an increase in numeracy skills later on. But it's not flash cards and math drills that...
  6. Toddler & Child
    Screen time doesn't have to be useless. If your little one's mind is ready to expand, check out these great math apps for preschool-aged children. Screen time can be quite educational while taking a road trip, flying on a plane, or just during everyday use! But finding a good math app can feel...
  7. Education
    Hi mommies I have a proud mother of 2 kids, one a kindergartner and the other, a mischievous 4th grader. I work from home and have a fix time schedule for my kids studies. The younger one is busy on her own and I give her the free time. But the older one needs little more attention. Her math...
  8. Education
    my nieces really enjoy and like it, they learn&play math\words :] (see attached images) 3 FREE educational app games with infinity levels for Android based on colorful animations (you can track your kids progress inside the app and view their statistics) : KidsApp Math Game a game for learning...
  9. Judy Arnall
    My son finished his very first online math class at age 14. We started at a grade 8 (Alberta) level which seems to bridge elementary and high school math concepts nicely. He learned integers, fractions, decimals, prisms, pythag, variables, relations, graphs, etc. He did very well in...
  10. Education
    My kindergartner and 5th grade kids have been using this free iphone/ipad app called NumberWhiz. I like it because it's very straightforward, it just simulates the Math flash cards we used as kids. No fancy distracting stuff, just plain addition, subtraction multiplication, division flash...
  11. Learning at Home and Beyond
    Hi All, School has recommended to use multiple programs for my 3rd grader - Splash Math & Khan Academy. Kids seem to really love Splash Math. I would love to hear what are your experiences if you have used these programs and which one do you find better? Any other recommendations?
  12. Learning at Home and Beyond
    Hello, Does anyone here know about any websites with printable 7th Grade Math worksheets? I'm trying to help my daughter practice what she's learning through Khan Academy. Thanks!
1-12 of 14 Results