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  1. Babywearing
    <p>Let's hear it! Which slings are the best for summer and travel? Slings change so quickly I wanna be up to date!</p>
  2. Babywearing
    <p>hey all!</p> <p> </p> <p>had a ring sling with the first... don't feel comfortable using it with the newborn... looking for a wrap, but on an extremely tight budget... something like the moby would be great... i can afford a little bit, or trade (i have gift cards that i could trade, $20 to...
  3. Babywearing
    <p>We're looking for a carrier for my husband with sacroiliac joint problems.  Anybody out there with this problem that found a comfortable carrier.  I already have a ring sling and pouch sling that I don't think will be suitable.  Thanks!</p>
  4. Babywearing
    <p>My 11 week-old, 11 lb baby likes to be carried around. He sleeps well during the night but hardly ever naps during the day. But he naps if I wear him in my Maya Wrap ring sling but wearing it makes my back hurt. I'm pretty sure I'm not wearing it right. The BabyWearing website has some...
  5. Babywearing
    I own a Zolowear ring sling and I <i>hate</i> it. Hate hate hate hate it. From what I understand, the silk variety is much better, but I own the cotton-y variety and again, I hate it. The fabric folds over on itself and twists and gets jammed no matter what I do, how I thread it, or how careful...
  6. Babywearing
    I'm due in January. I have a Moby wrap, a Maya wrap and a Baby Bjorn front carrier. My 15 year old son will be helping me, either with dog walks or watching the baby for a couple minutes while I walk the dogs, but I'm sure there will be times when my son is not around or unable to help me with...
  7. Babywearing
    Hi, I am trying to find an affordable ringsling for my 4mo DD. She's about 18lbs so is hard to tote around all the time! We've had a jellybean pouch since she was born but now its too small.<br><br> I love maya wraps, so I know I want a ring sling. But I cannot spend the 50-60 most go for. Can...
  8. Babywearing
    Is this possible? Babe LOVES to look at the world but is only just shy of three months so needs head support. I used to put her in more of a cradle hold (is that what it's called?) so she was sideways, but it seems not to work now that she's bigger. I'm sure it's still possible but there's...
  9. Babywearing
    I am thinking about trying ring slings. I have never tried any before, what are some good brands of ringslings?<br> TIA!
  10. Babywearing
    What I have:<br> an old school Ergo that I found for $5 at a thrift store<br> a Maya wrap that really shouldn't be used anymore-- I have used it for 3 kids and the fabric is starting to slip at the rings<br> a Moby wrap<br><br> So, what do I need to babywear twins?
  11. Babywearing
    Is it sold in brick and mortar stores?? I usually carry dd in the Maya Pouch or Baby B'jorn. The B'jorn KILLS my shoulders and I need to find something similar that is more comfy. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px...
1-11 of 12 Results