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  1. Babywearing
    Let's hear it! Which slings are the best for summer and travel? Slings change so quickly I wanna be up to date!
  2. Babywearing
    hey all! had a ring sling with the first... don't feel comfortable using it with the newborn... looking for a wrap, but on an extremely tight budget... something like the moby would be great... i can afford a little bit, or trade (i have gift cards that i could trade, $20 to victoria's secret...
  3. Babywearing
    We're looking for a carrier for my husband with sacroiliac joint problems. Anybody out there with this problem that found a comfortable carrier. I already have a ring sling and pouch sling that I don't think will be suitable. Thanks!
  4. Babywearing
    My 11 week-old, 11 lb baby likes to be carried around. He sleeps well during the night but hardly ever naps during the day. But he naps if I wear him in my Maya Wrap ring sling but wearing it makes my back hurt. I'm pretty sure I'm not wearing it right. The BabyWearing website has some pictures...
  5. Babywearing
    I own a Zolowear ring sling and I hate it. Hate hate hate hate it. From what I understand, the silk variety is much better, but I own the cotton-y variety and again, I hate it. The fabric folds over on itself and twists and gets jammed no matter what I do, how I thread it, or how careful I am...
  6. Babywearing
    I'm due in January. I have a Moby wrap, a Maya wrap and a Baby Bjorn front carrier. My 15 year old son will be helping me, either with dog walks or watching the baby for a couple minutes while I walk the dogs, but I'm sure there will be times when my son is not around or unable to help me with...
  7. Babywearing
    Hi, I am trying to find an affordable ringsling for my 4mo DD. She's about 18lbs so is hard to tote around all the time! We've had a jellybean pouch since she was born but now its too small. I love maya wraps, so I know I want a ring sling. But I cannot spend the 50-60 most go for. Can anyone...
  8. Babywearing
    Is this possible? Babe LOVES to look at the world but is only just shy of three months so needs head support. I used to put her in more of a cradle hold (is that what it's called?) so she was sideways, but it seems not to work now that she's bigger. I'm sure it's still possible but there's...
  9. Babywearing
    I am thinking about trying ring slings. I have never tried any before, what are some good brands of ringslings? TIA!
  10. Babywearing
    What I have: an old school Ergo that I found for $5 at a thrift store a Maya wrap that really shouldn't be used anymore-- I have used it for 3 kids and the fabric is starting to slip at the rings a Moby wrap So, what do I need to babywear twins?
  11. Babywearing
    Is it sold in brick and mortar stores?? I usually carry dd in the Maya Pouch or Baby B'jorn. The B'jorn KILLS my shoulders and I need to find something similar that is more comfy. TIA!
1-11 of 12 Results