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  1. Meal Planning
    Hi all, I made this app for my girlfriend that might also help some of you. It allows you to plan your meals for each week. The main advantages compared to its competitors is that you can plan for an unlimited number of weeks easy swapping of meals configurable notifications for current and...
  2. Meal Planning
    So, for those that are doing something for Easter, what's your menu? We're having a low key lunch with my in laws, and they have offered to bring a small ham. So I'm going to make an egg casserole, home made biscuits and a fruit salad to go with it. We're also combining my husband's birthday...
  3. Meal Planning
    Ok, I really have an issue with meal planning. I can not seem to do it. I am stressed, unorganized, too busy, too poor and possibly too depressed to manage. I just DO NOT understand it. It is like I am literally missing the meal planning gene. It does not help that I do not like cooking and our...
  4. Meal Planning
    Hi-- Although I'm a SAHM, I feel like the kitchen is consuming all my time between preparing food then cleaning it up. I'd like to stock my freezer/pantry with healthy stuff I can pack for the kids for busy appointment days, or just days I want to spend an extra-long day at the beach or park...
  5. Meal Planning
    I would love some spring and summer crock pot meals on the cheap. Eventually winter will end here, right? I am doing the farmers market all season and would love to come home to a meal already done. Ideas?
  6. Meal Planning
    Hi, I noticed that everyone makes threads for supper planning but none about breakfast or lunch. so here's a thread where you can put down what you had or plan to have for each meal! type in the date and what you've had or are planning to have, if you want with a photo.
  7. Meal Planning
    I mean something that is done in say 1/2 an hour. I would love to include in my arsenal of means something beyond spaghetti sauce and noodles that I can have set in as little time as possible. I do burritos in about 20 minutes, saute veg., empty can of beans, this does not include rice unless...
  8. Meal Planning
    I was going okay with the cook once a week thing, but now that has fallen by the way side and I am back to scrambling for dinner. I am doing lots of bake a chicken with veg things and I am tired of it. I make lots of brown rice (gotta love the rice cooker!) and veggies too. Any planning people...
  9. Meal Planning
    I'm curious what everyone's food budget looks like. We have 3 in our family and spend $550 and mostly buy organic and in season. Is this average ?
  10. Meal Planning
    We are a household with multiple food allergies/intolerance. Our house is completely nut free due to a severe allergy in my older son, and my youngest is intolerant to gluten and dairy. I'm also very concious of the amount of processed/packaged food and snacks my children consume. I am...
  11. Meal Planning
    So I'm transitioning from a SAHM to a full-time working mama temporarily and I wanted to know what is the best way to meal plan home cooked meals while still working full time? I've been coming home and cooking and am not out of the kitchen till 8pm and it's too exhausting. I may look into using...
  12. Meal Planning
    What are your favorite dishes to go with Thanksgiving dinner? Amy
  13. Meal Planning
    Is there a general 'Feed the Freezer' thread somewhere that I'm just missing? I saw a few Feed the Freezer threads that were for specific questions. But I know way back when there used to be a general one on here, but I can't seem to find it. There were tons of tips, recipes, etc. Is it out...
  14. Meal Planning
    Curious to know if many of you consistently do it in just 1 hour.
  15. Meal Planning
    What are your favorite meals that cost $5 or less? How many people are you feeding? Do you trade off prep time for lost cost?
  16. Meal Planning
    Everyone here seems to like lentil soup. Anyone have a recipe they could share?? Thanks
  17. Meal Planning
    I was given a huge amount of chard and it's going to go bad if I don't use it up ASAP. I need vegetarian (preferably vegan or low-dairy) recipes, please. Soup? Stir-fry? Slow-cooker recipes are the best for me, but I'll take anything at this point. THANK YOU!
1-17 of 133 Results