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  1. Mental Health
    I understand many people worry about things that have no effects on their lives; In reality it doesn't happen. Leahy, 2005, Study of Cornell University found out that 85% of the things we think about never happen in life. The thoughts we often allow into our minds are negative(cognitive...
  2. The Childhood Years
    Months ago, I posted something about my 6-year-old sister saying she wanting to kill herself at times. Now she's 7 and has stopped saying that but I'm still worried about her mental health with my family's history. Lately, whenever she messes up, she calls herself the stupidest girl ever and...
  3. Mental Health
    Is anyone else feeling lost and ashamed when, no matter the discipline and respect earned, the child does not believe that the rules should apply to them? I am so tired of these disorders. People look at you like you do nothing to instill respect, religion or any other rules into the kid and...
  4. Special Needs Parenting
    Does anyone know how to get financial help for families with children with mental health disorders? My daughter is currently hospitalized for the fourth time for multiple mental health disorders directly a result of abuse and neglect while her biological father had custody of my children. My...
  5. Mental Health
    anxiety I decided to delete since nobody can relate
  6. Mental Health
    <p>If you checked Yes to mental illness on your driver's license did that mean you had to get a handicapped license plate?? How does that work?</p>
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    Mental Health
    <p>.  Sorry.  No replies so taking it down.  </p>
  8. Mental Health
    <p>If you have any questions, please PM a moderator or administrator.</p>
  9. Mental Health
    <p>So, I suffer from panic and social anxiety disorder. I have taken meds. in the past. But nothing ever worked. I did therapy for a v. short time as well. The doc. taught me NLP. It did not work at all. I also did not try it for long because I never saw any results. I've just come to a point...
  10. Mental Health
    Hello everyone. My name is Tayler, I'm 15, and I found out I was pregnant in late February. I have recently been experiencing EXTREME anger outbursts. I have 2 younger siblings and at this point just drive me insane! I've always been known to be kind of violent with my anger but it hasn't been...
  11. Mental Health
    <p>**I'm also crossposting this is the Toddler Life forum**</p> <p> </p> <p>Hey mamas. </p> <p> </p> <p>This is all really new to me. I've always tended towards melancholy, always been one to feel lonely and sad from time to time for no apparent reason, etc. Thyroid issues and mental health...
  12. Mental Health
    <p>I have been diagnosed with adult ADHD.  I'm currently taking Strattera 60mg and I'm just wondering if there are any other options I should explore, in terms of medications.  If I take it in the morning, I don't feel well.  If I take it at night, it wakes me up at 3am.  If I take it with...
  13. Mental Health
    Hi mamas!<br> Im trying out sjw for anxiety/ ocd symptoms exacerbated by hormonal pp swings. Im irritable alot of the time but much more so in the second half of my cycle. Ive been feeling like I could be a much better mama and partner if I could get a handle on these feelings.<br> Ive been...
  14. Mental Health
    <p>Hello all.  I'm a journalist writing a piece about pregnancy and depression.  I'm hoping to interview women who struggle with depression about the medical choices they've made during their pregnancy.    The piece is focusing on the way women sort through the conflicting advice about...
  15. Mental Health
    <p>My son is struggling with depression and anxiety.  He has always been an anxious child, but over the past few months things have been getting much more difficult for him.  Most noticeably he started having panic attacks at gymnastics - an activity for which he has had a passionate love for...
1-16 of 200 Results