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  1. Queer Parenting
    hi, I am looking for a midwife who has license for IUI insemination and could perform IUI during weekends as well if my LH peak on weekend. Location:East Lansing, Michigan (48823) thanks
  2. Indiana, Ohio, Michigan
    I'm not sure what kind of birth I'm gonna have. I have a back injury (L4/L5) so very low. I rely very heavily on my abs for back support/pain management, I'd like to avoid a C-section, but I'm delivering at Beaumont Troy which every forum says is a C-section pusher. Also I have advice from...
  3. Indiana, Ohio, Michigan
    I am looking for chicken pox in lower Michigan. Willing to travel up to an hour from SE MI. Please let me know!!
1-3 of 3 Results