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  1. The Mindful Home
    I need some help with our current laundry system. I want so badly to stay 'natural' with our wash routine, but stains and strong body odors just aren't coming out. And my Husby isn't happy. Some factors: We have incredibly hard water We have amazing machines -- Speed Queen brand -- if you're...
  2. The Mindful Home
    I am toying with the idea of getting rid of our dryer altogether. It is an older energy-hogging one to begin with, and I have a line outside. I am thinking of putting an indoor line up for rainy days, and just doing without the dryer. Has anyone decided not to keep their dryer and missed it...
  3. The Mindful Home
    Hi All, We have a studio apartment attached to our house, which I am considering renting via Does anyone have experience using the service from the providing-rental-space end? Or something similar? I am interested in renting it by the night or week, vs. trying to find a full-time...
  4. The Mindful Home
    I have a room that might end up needing to be torn to studs, all drywall removed and re-drywalled. Nightmare. It is the last room on the upstairs hallway. I think it should be ok to seal from other areas as it is at the very end of the hallway. We would remove carpet in room (It is fairly...
  5. The Mindful Home
    Any leads? It is for a two year old, but it does not have to have a kiddie design (or it can - either is fine). I am thinking silicone, but have not yet found a USA- or EU-made product.
  6. The Mindful Home
    Anyone else making their own cleaning products. I've just started getting into it, and I love it. I've made all-purpose spray, laundry soap, carpet spot remover and toilet cleaner thus far, and I'm so impressed with how they're working! I just wish I'd started doing it years ago.
  7. The Mindful Home
    We drink tap water. I like the taste of our city water, but I am aware of the un-ideal quality. Anyone ever made a homemade water filter system? I bet there is a simple way to make a pitcher style system with charcoal or something similar. Is reverse osmosis the only way to remove flouride...
  8. The Mindful Home
    We recently had our slab house treated for termites. They never used a utility locating service prior to drilling. If any of you have had this service before, did they just drill or locate pipes first? Thanks!
  9. The Mindful Home
    How clean is good enough? I do UFYH (the non short hand is a UA violation). And it is super super helpful for me. What do you all expect from the kids IRT cleaning their bedrooms? DS keeps his fairly clean but I do ask for a dish round up about every other day. It's like he doesn't see them or...
  10. The Mindful Home
    I really want to start making my own all purpose cleaners . Something to clean the kitchen counters as well as the bathrooms.... I need help finding a mix that works, if you have a cleaner that works, please share an exact recipe, ratios, etc. Thank you so much in advance!!!!
  11. The Mindful Home
    I got some rugs that ended up staining my floor from the yucky rubber bottom. So I'm throwing away my rugs and wondering how do I come in the door, put shoes in closet without bringing in dig poop (bad neighbor!), or parking lot stain grease into my house. And now rhat I think of the closet, I...
  12. The Mindful Home
    I keep thinking if I only have ___ then I'm done. I won't want any more stuff. If I could just get new pots that work better, a dehydrator, sustainable clothing etc etc. However, I seriously doubt buying a bunch of stuff to replace the stuff I really have is going to make me more eco friendly...
  13. The Mindful Home
    Every time I wash my kitchen cloth (napkins, dish towels, wash cloths, random rags, etc.), there is a layer of grease left in the washing machine. The grease is generally at the water line, and around the agitator. Quite a few years ago, I used to wipe greasy cast iron with rags that went in...
  14. The Mindful Home
    Hi, I thought this might be of interest to some of the MDC readership.!documentDetail;D=NIH_FRDOC_0001-9037 Excerpt: Quote:
1-16 of 264 Results