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  1. NICU & Preemie Parenting
    <p>I think my daughter is close to being discharged if she would just wake up up and eat! She is uninterested in both bottle and breast. (I'm fine with her being bottle-fed for now since it seems like the quickest way to get her home). The doctor's orders are that she is offered the bottle for...
  2. NICU & Preemie Parenting
    <p>My second daughter was in the NICU, she was my second live birth and least complicated pregnancy. She was critical, hooked up to wires, intubated, the works. And sometimes when we go to the doctors office and they start putting leads on her or checking her out, I have little flash backs to...
  3. NICU & Preemie Parenting
    Hi there mamas ~<br> I am a RN working towards my L&D specialty. I am currently focusing on a paper about families' personal experiences with their preemies in the NICU/SCN. I would love to hear from anyone about their experiences especially as they relate to the attachment process with their...
1-3 of 3 Results