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  1. Babywearing
    <p>Please someone suggest which Sling I should buy for my 2 week old! I have an Ergo carrier but it's so bulky and I would prefer a sling or wrap at this age. I desperately need one! I looked at SevenSlings but the reviews are terrible.</p> <p> </p> <p>If anyone could help me I would appreciate...
  2. Babywearing
    I have a friend with a 5-month-old. She's complaining her sling (not sure the brand but just a regular ring sling) is broiling hot. What kind of carrier might she try instead?
  3. Babywearing
    What ring sling is your favorite, and why?<br><br> Gathering up baby stuff for this time around. Last time I had a ring sling (years ago), it was one a friend had made. I'm sort of looking into a Maya wrap this time around, but wanted to hear some recommendations before I bought one.<br><br>...
1-3 of 3 Results