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  1. Baby
    When we think of needing a support group, what often comes to mind is a formal group, perhaps led by a therapist, for difficult life circumstances like the loss of a loved one or addiction recovery. We don't think of our mom group that way, yet our like-minded friends are incredibly important in...
  2. Family Life
    Nothing made me see the need for friendships more clearly than having children. You can get a lot of free therapy with the right mix of friends. We live in isolated families. One or two parents and their children - that's it. We believe that we can do it alone, do it ourselves, and do it...
  3. Family Life
    Many moms feel lonely or isolated at some point in their mothering lives. Starting a local moms' group helps mothers build friendships with like-minded people. Becoming a parent is a struggle, and mothers often feel lonely and isolated. Even when your family surrounds you, no one seems to...
  4. Family Life
    It can be tricky to get a group of women to meet together on a regular basis and keep the group a safe place to share differing thoughts and questions, especially when it's a group of mothers. Motherhood is so personal, and it can be a very sensitive subject. But it's possible to keep a...
  5. Alaska and Hawaii
    Are there any expectant or new mom groups in or near Kihei? I am only 8 weeks with my first but would love to find a group of women who are also expecting and/or know which new mom groups exist for when the baby is born in the spring. Haven't had much luck on google. Thanks!
1-5 of 6 Results