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  1. Life With a Baby
    Hi, mommies! It's Karen again. So months ago I started to use the SuperMama app to track which breast fed the baby the last time and I can tell it was a lifesaver! Do you use some other apps or gadgets to take care of the child? Can you advise me something? Thanks in advance!:x:x:x
  2. Life With a Baby
    I hired our nanny about 10 months ago - my daughter was 1 month old. She had GREAT references. I still believe that she is a very kind and nurturing woman (despite what happened this evening). And she was everything we needed when my daughter was a newborn. When I found out I would be...
  3. Other
    There is no doubt that breastmilk is healthy for a newborn, but how about for adults? One Taiwanese nanny would say yes. Any nursing mom will tell you how precious her breastmilk is. This is especially true for moms who need to pump their milk as a result of returning to work. So, how would...
  4. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
    Hello, I am having a tough time finding a nanny that endorses our lifestyle (co-sleeping, extended nursing, etc.) I am using and sittercity and local FB groups but still not finding much. Any suggestions on where to look or does anyone know of anyone? We're looking for M-Th 8-6...
  5. Special Needs Parenting
    Nanny with experience caring for children with developmental delays and medical needs, including g-tube and j-tube feedings. Available in NYC and surrounding suburbs. Resume and long-term references upon request. For more information, trdreskin(at)gmail
  6. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
    Hey all! I'm an AP, babywearing nanny looking for a job in Harrisburg, PA or the surrounding area (Camp Hill, Grantham, or Dillsburg would be fabulous, as well). I have tons of experience nannying and baby sitting, I love babies and kids, and I use attachment/natural childcare. I babywear and...
  7. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
    Hi NYC mommas, I'm Julia, a birth and postpartum doula who also offers nannying/babysitting using an Attachment Parenting approach. In addition to AP childcare I can provide breastfeeding support, cook nourishing meals for the whole family, tidy, do laundry, help with baby-wearing...
  8. Working and Student Parents
    Hello everyone, i am so happy I found this forum! You all seem so very nice and caring towards each other, a quality that is not always appreciated enough nowadays. To my question: I'm 19 years old and have been working as a nanny (mostly during school holidays) or babysitten (pretty much...
1-8 of 8 Results