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  1. Nutrition and Good Eating
    I would love to start juicing but I don't have several hundred bucks to spend on a juicer. Can anyone recoomend an effective juicer for under $100?
  2. Nutrition and Good Eating
    A little while ago there was a thread somewhere on MDC about a mom that had one heavier child, and one slim one. She got several people who recommended a book written by a woman - she might of even written a few books because I think it was more the author people were suggesting, not a specific...
  3. Nutrition and Good Eating
    Some background: I am single. I live with my parents but they eat really early at around 4 PM, I do not get off from work until 5:30 and do not get home most nights until 7ish because of the gym, etc. Also, they tend to eat really unhealthy foods and I am being really careful to eat better...
  4. Nutrition and Good Eating
    I was just wondering how much juice your kids drink on a daily basis. I don't like my kids to drink a whole lot, but they just won't drink water all that much, and I also don't want them drink much cow, soy or rice milk. We do herbal tea, herbal tea/juice mix, and juice diluted with water. I...
  5. Nutrition and Good Eating
    Ok, do I just add it to almost any recipe? How much? Any special recipes using it?
1-5 of 5 Results