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  1. Toddler & Child
    More and more, sensory issues in children are rearing their heads, and parents are turning to occupational therapists (OTs) for advice and treatment. Here's what OTs want you to know. Children are missing out on activities that in years past were a given of childhood. From less stress from...
  2. Baby
    It's a rite of passage into toddlerhood - becoming insanely picky about the food you eat, and driving your parents crazy because you can turn on a beloved food in an instant. But, there's a difference between being a picky eater and resistant eater. My son was a great sleeper. Still is...
  3. Special Needs Parenting
    Hi all, I am the mom of an almost-five-year-old son and an almost-one-year-old girl. My son is very smart, verbal, and personable, but has some struggles, including a recently diagnosed sensory processing disorder. I believe this is the root of several issues he has. We just had him diagnosed...
1-3 of 3 Results