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  1. Baby
    The United States is the only industrialized country in the world that does not guarantee paid parental leave upon the birth of a baby. A quick glance across the globe shows that the U.S. lags far behind when it comes to caring for our families. Check it our for yourself with this map by...
  2. Baby
    Canada is giving new parents more options for parental leave when it comes to staying home with their babies. The plan, part of last week's Canadian federal budget, would be a big change in the way parental leave has been doled out for Canadians. It is expected to kick in by next year. Read on...
  3. Life With a Baby
    Hi All, I'm a full-time working mom to two children. I started a website this year (while working and having a new baby) it's a crowdfunding website for maternity and paternity leave called MyBabyBond. I talk to so many moms (and dads) that don't have paid leave but that want it. I had to go...
1-3 of 3 Results