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  1. Parenting
    Hyland's Digital Media Lab interviews Mothering Publisher and Editor Peggy O'Mara at Natural Products Expo West. Peggy talks about the history of Mothering and shares some advice for parents. Please enjoy the video and post here to let us know what your parenting questions are that we can help...
  2. Natural Parenting News
    Mothering Radio Mothering Editor and Publisher Peggy O'Mara interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield; coauthor of a 1998 study that suggested a link between Crohn's Disease and the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine in some children. He has been accused of incorrectly linking the MMR vaccine with...
  3. The Case Against Circumcision
    This month's Alternative Health magazine had exactly what I wanted to see: a letter from Peggy challenging the horrible pro-circ article of the last issue! Sorry I don't have a quote (if anyone does please post it), but Peggy really let them have it! Plus, the editor's response was OK (said that...
  4. Co-sleeping and the Family Bed
    Please check out Peggy O'Mara's current Mothering Magazine editorial here It's really great!
  5. I'm Pregnant
    ...what would your questions be? Peggy is being interviewed at the APPPAH Congress (APPPAH - The Association for Pre- & Perinatal Psychology and Health) and your questions for her are invited. Please share what you would like to ask of her.
  6. Elimination Communication
    There have been several posts here about the lack of exposure that EC gets in Mothering magazine, I just came across this article which may help to explain why: She doesn't go into it very much but there is a casual comment about toileting...
1-6 of 18 Results