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  1. Working and Student Parents
    1st post. Here's the situation - Working parents. We found a very reasonably priced child care taker. Raised 2 children of her own and will be 1 on 1 with our child. There are a few issues though that cause us some hesitation. 1. She has a strong belief that children need to be exposed...
  2. Baby Health
    Hi all, My almost one-year-old unvaxxed daughter developed a wet cough and cold (runny nose, red eyes) in the afternoon on Monday with a low grade fever. We did a hot bath, bone broth, onion poultice, and nursed a ton. The cough and runny nose have stayed and this evening it was sounding worse...
  3. Baby
    This list is a compilation of books suggested by MDC members: The Cutter Incident , Paul Offit Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate , Mayer Eisenstein Evidence of Harm , David Kirby How To Raise A Healthy Child ... Inspite Of Your Doctor , Robert S. Mendelsohn Just a Little...
1-3 of 17 Results