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  1. Baby
    If we are to mother instinctually, there are lessons we can learn from instinctual beings caring for their young. Recently our family has started fostering dogs and cats for our local Humane Society. We provide shelter and care for these animals and the organization provides food, medical...
  2. Gentle Discipline
    We've never had pets previously. We just started raising chickens this spring, and my six and three year old handle the chickens too roughly. The three year old handles the chickens fine by himself, but when his older sister handles them as well, they become too wild. I want to free range my...
  3. Life With a Baby
    How do your babies (furred and not furred) get along? My cat, little old lady that she is, hates the baby, and avoids her when she can. When she can't, though, she sits there placidly while my daughter climbs all over her and only complains when her tail is pulled. My friend's pug, on the...
1-3 of 3 Results