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  1. I'm Pregnant
    Hello Mamas, Our team at Pluscenta would like to make an introduction to all the members at mothering! As you may have already known, Placenta pills has become one of the buzziest post-baby trends catching on among new mums in celeb land. We see first-hand the growing in popularity among other...
  2. Baby
    Postpartum's so common that many just consider it part of the job sometimes as you become a new mother. But that doesn't always have to be, and many moms are finding relief in placenta encapsulation. It's no wonder that 80% of new mothers experience some form of postpartum mood...
  3. Baby
    The placenta is pure magic to me. It was created for the sole purpose of bringing my children to life and then "died," a beautiful sacrifice, as they each took their first breath in this world. I thought I would start with a little anatomy lesson, after all, it's how the magic happens! During...
  4. Green Goods
    Plenty of women preserve and eat their placenta after birth, but is it safe? The largest study to date on the topic says yes! Call it a fad, trendy, or something crunchy-moms do, but an increasingly large number of women are choosing to consume their placenta after birth. Citing improved mood...
  5. I'm Pregnant
    I am currently in the process of becoming certified as a CBE and Doula. In order to complete my certifications, I need 2 more births under my belt. My goal is to complete these certifications by December 31. In addition to offering free birth doula services, I am offering placenta encapsulation...
  6. Birth Professionals
    I am interested in shadowing someone who is versed in placenta encapsulation to learn first hand, watch and see the preparation in person and learn all I can through hands on teaching. Someone in Massachusetts is preferable, but anywhere in New England would be considered!
  7. Doulas
    Hi! I am a Doula and I also encapsulate placentas. I have openings for October, November, December and February. I offer a low, flat-fee for my doula services, and offer a discount for placenta encapsulation if you also hire me as your doula. [email protected]
  8. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
    Hi All! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Vanessa, I am a MMA Basic Midwifery Course graduate, ToLabor trained doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, and Placenta Encapsulation Practitioner located in Central Massachusetts and serving all of MA, and parts of CT & RI. I have been...
1-8 of 12 Results