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  1. North and South Carolina and Tennessee
    Hi moms, Anyone know of play groups in Raleigh? I'm looking for a play group for my 2 year old that has unvaccinated kids in it. Alternatively Catholic or Christian play groups. Leads are much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello mothers! I am an expecting mother working on my master's psychology project. Can you please help me out by answering this short 1-2 min survey! Much appreciated :smile:
  3. Judy Arnall
    How does socialization work in homeschooling? Children play differently according to their brain development. They move from single play (babies play with toys by themselves) to parallel play (toddlers play side by side but don't interact other than to grab a toy) to cooperative play...
  4. Washington, Oregon, Idaho
    Hi, I began homeschooling my four year old daughter this Spring. I am using a secular Waldorf-inspired curriculum so it is very play based and experiential. I am forming a group of homeschoolers with children ages 3 - 6 (pre-K to K levels). We do not all teach the same curriculum, have the...
  5. Judy Arnall
    When families homeschool, parents are often asked the question, "What about socialization?" Many people are fine with the academic achievement of homeschooling but worry that children who do not go to school to interact with the same aged peers daily, lack necessary social skills to grow into a...
1-5 of 5 Results