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  1. Toddler & Child
    By Sheryl Paul In my four year old's feverish state We slip between the worlds together. I, the island, and he the little boat who anchors himself to my shores, his small hot limbs wrapped around me as if I am his tree of life. Which I am, and he mine, and together we swim through the...
  2. Family Life
    (Haikus created by Melissa, Mel and me, with help from of the very fun Haikube set Peggy gave us) A Vision for My Future hero inside I travel after grand fortune happy wind woman * * * dreaming glorious a gorgeous light on my eyes touches lofty ground * * * #@&*#...
  3. Family Life
    A I got to the point where I stopped mourning what I would have lost in near miss situations. why borrow trouble why brush the shadow of a gift horse to a soft sheen? but then I was sitting here recalling a poem I once wrote about my son nursing in cowboy pajamas and I got it the...
1-3 of 3 Results