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  1. I'm Not Vaccinating That's a relief. Thank goodness for small favors. :eyesroll I'm very curious as to how these kinds of "accidents" can occur. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought live vaccine solutions are...
  2. Vaccinations
    <p>I have a 5 month old son.  He has had one DTaP at 4 months.  We are moving to Qatar in 6 weeks.  What should I do?  My orginal plan was alternating between Dtap and IPV every other month till he got 3 of each.  Now I am wondering. </p>
  3. Vaccinations
    <p>This question is a continuation of my last post about being concerned about travelling to a foreign country without getting the MMR shot for my toddler.  I wanted to point out that the country we are visiting does not have clean faucet water.  Nobody drinks the faucet water... they do shower...
  4. Vaccinations
    <p>Do you think it is possible to use vaccines to eradicate diseases?  Do you think it has been done in the case of small pox worldwide and other diseases in certain regions?  If it might be possible, then what makes a disease worth eradicating or a vaccine worth using to eradicate it?</p>
  5. Selective & Delayed Vaccination
    <p>Did you get the polio vaccines for your kids?  Assuming that your decision was well thought out (some people admit that they started out their parenting journey by unquestioningly getting all of the vaxes), what was the reasoning behind your decision? </p> <p> </p> <p>I will be enrolling DD...
  6. Baby
    This list is a compilation of books suggested by MDC members:   The Cutter Incident , Paul Offit Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate , Mayer Eisenstein Evidence of Harm , David Kirby How To Raise A Healthy Child ... Inspite Of Your Doctor , Robert S. Mendelsohn Just a...
  7. I'm Not Vaccinating
    <p>I am a non-vaxer. I often see debates/topics come up amoungst parents, and non-vaxers are often attacked with hostile questions. This is hypothetical, and I know not all pro-vaxers are hostile, I just wonder how non-vaxers handle the ones that propose some mighty interesting and hard...
1-7 of 7 Results