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  1. Stay at Home Parents
    What do you think? I stay at home and have for a long time, and when my kids were babies people seemed pretty positive, but as they get older and my role is less baby-minding and more homemaking I'm encountering a bit of negativity. Like that I'm spoiled, I'm letting my brain turn to mush, etc...
  2. Frugality & Finances
    ***This started out as a Fall Pantry Challenge but it's moved on to Winter now. So lets keep this going. :) ***I hadn't seen one started yet. With the start of Fall I thought it might be appropriate. The Fall tends to be a busy time for my family between homeschool, running practice, soccer...
  3. Gentle Discipline
    I'm a big fan of Alfie Kohn and I really try to avoid punishment in any circumstance. I say "try to" because I don't intentionally punish but life seems to punish from time to time and it isn't always practical or possible to stop it, and I feel like by not intervening more there's still some...
  4. Parenting
    I don't like The Giving Tree. There, I admitted it. People say it's a story of love, but it seems like some kind of dysfunctional relationship with a martyr to me. I just don't like it. What children's books do you dislike?
  5. Babywearing
    Do you have a wonderful babywearing photo to share? We invite you to enter our Babywearing Photo Contest, sponsored by Moby Wrap! Type of Photos We encourage the submission of images that celebrate your family and lifestyle as well as those that represent the many styles of babywearing. Please...
  6. Natural Parenting News
    Brominated vegetable oil, olestra, food coloring, BHA and BHT: sound familiar? Most of us try to avoid these types of food additives anyway, but did you know that they are banned in many other countries as not safe for human consumption? Check out the interesting breakdown from Buzzfeed.
  7. Natural Parenting News
    From CBS News: Quote: Read More Interesting study. What do you think?
  8. Learning at School
    I'm learning that this is a heated topic, so let's keep the responses civil. Could some of you educate me a little on the Common Core? There's a lot about it online, but I'm interested in hearing from moms who share some Natural-Family-Living values. My LO is facing it in school, and I'm not...
  9. Frugality & Finances
    The title isn't quite right, but I couldn't think of another way to ask it. I'll tell the story and then ask my question afterwards and you ladies can contribute as you see fit... My almost-13yo was invited to a birthday sleepover by a classmate. They all attend a very charter school, which is...
  10. Homebirth
    I have had a homebirth with my second and absolutely loved it. My CPM was great and I delivered fast. My 3rd was delivered in the hospital again for insurance purposes and I butted heads with all the hospital staff there when I showed up to deliver (I showed up an hour and a half before...
  11. I'm Pregnant
    Did you announce your pregnancy in a creative way? Do you have a gorgeous pregnancy photo to show off? Any sort of visual reflection of your pregnancy that you'd like to share? Post it here and you'll be entered to win! The winning photo will receive the Dream Stand, Organic Hammock and Travel...
1-11 of 11 Results