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  1. Washington, Oregon, Idaho
    Hi, I began homeschooling my four year old daughter this Spring. I am using a secular Waldorf-inspired curriculum so it is very play based and experiential. I am forming a group of homeschoolers with children ages 3 - 6 (pre-K to K levels). We do not all teach the same curriculum, have the...
  2. Midwives
    Hello! I am an aspiring midwife who is currently searching for a preceptor to guide me! I am planning on beginning my courses at the National College of Midwifery this September. I live in Vancouver, Washington but I would like to study and become licensed in Oregon. I have known that I wanted...
  3. Infertility
    I am in a quandary ! I know this is a question with a specific region in mind but I wanted to see if anyone could help me. I live in Portland Oregon and I feel like most of the people I know have either been referred to ORM or have heard good things about it. When I ask about Oregon Health and...
1-3 of 5 Results