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  1. Indiana, Ohio, Michigan
    Hi all! I have 3 girls (12, 9 and 4). We moved from WA state 4 years ago and we visited a chicken pox party a couple years before we left so my older 2 have had chicken pox. I'm looking for something similar for my 4 yo. We live in Mason, OH, but can travel if need be! I find the amount of...
  2. Vermont. New Hampshire, Maine
    I live in Potsmouth NH and have 3 kids who need exposure to chicken pox soon, oldest is 6, youngest 1. My mother lives up near Portland ME so traveling isn't an issue. Any know of any cases? :)
  3. Indiana, Ohio, Michigan
    I am looking for chicken pox in lower Michigan. Willing to travel up to an hour from SE MI. Please let me know!!
1-3 of 3 Results