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  1. Toddler & Child
    Talking to pre-teens and teenagers is hard. Your sweet child who used to beg to be held by you now, seemingly, doesn't even want to talk look at you, much less talk to you. But research has shown that being an active participant in your pre-teen and teenagers life is even more important than...
  2. Preteens and Teens
    I have a 12 year old daughter. She goes to see a psychiatrist for depression and anxiety and takes online school (only going down to have actual class on Tuesdays) for the anxiety as well. Yesterday we (me, my husband, and other two daughters) went to the mall but she didn't want to go so we...
  3. Preteens and Teens
    My daughter is a soccer player but does not play for the town teams. She plays for an elite club locally. Her friends at school put together a soccer team for a fun indoor league this winter and did not ask her to play. They all talk about upcoming games and plans right in front of her but have...
  4. Preteens and Teens
    My 14 year old girl often invites her friends at home and I don't like some of them. I just don't feel like their good influence of her and don't know how to tell my daughter about it. How should I approach my child about this thing? Any advice would be a great help. Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results