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preschool education
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  1. Education
    Hello! :) I'm new one on this forum. Usually, I just read, but haven’t written anything yet. Now, I decided to create a post, to help my husband to get some feedback from potential users. My husband works in an IT company. He develops his own project: educational app for preschoolers from 3 to...
  2. Toddler & Child
    While many preschools and kindergarten programs proudly emphasize academics, the growing trend in Germany is the Waldkita, a forest kindergarten. Germany, the original home of kindergarten (literally meaning children's garden), boasts more than 1,500 waldkitas, or forest kindergartens, most of...
  3. Toddler & Child
    Erika Christakis believes that "young children are smarter and more capable than we imagine." In her new book, The Importance of Being Little, Erika shines a light on America's broken preschool education system. Mother and former preschool teacher, Erika Christakis, uses her academic research...
1-3 of 3 Results